There’s a Reason Why Health is the Entering Wedge

I can see in the Lord’s providences that the medical missionary work is to be a great entering wedge, whereby the diseased soul may be reached. Counsels on Health, 535.

Back in 2010, fresh from Wildwood, I went to the Philippines to test and practice what I have been taught as a medical missionary. One of the assignments I was given while I was there was to teach in the one-month medical missionary training school in Isabela.

The one-month school was organized by PAMAS, where I met Dwayne and Wendy for the first time. On some mornings we would visit the community and then classes would be held in the evenings.

It was in one of these community visits that I met *kuya Franco.

I still remember one of the first things kuya Franco said to me was, “Brad, tsinelas.” Which meant, he wanted me to wear house slippers. In most Asian cultures, you would have to take off your shoes when you enter their house. No matter what class or creed, it was respectful to remove your shoes, and either go barefoot or be offered house slippers when you come in.

Kuya Franco and is wife warmly entertained us in their humble home. As we continued to chat, with the help of my translator, Early, I realized that kuya Franco is very sick and would greatly benefit from a water therapy treatment.

And so in the next 10 days we visited him, prayed with him and gave him a general revulsive treatment.

A few weeks later, I left Isabela and went to Bacolod and then prepared to leave for Jamaica.

Would you believe it, that a few months later, Wendy tagged me on a photo in Facebook. What I saw brought tears to my eyes when I recognized kuya Franco in a baptismal robe. Not just him, but other members of his family.

I was told that kuya Franco became open to Bible studies as a result of those hydrotherapy treatments Early and I gave him. Praise God!

This was the very example Christ taught us as He ministered to the sick. As a result of Christ’s medical missionary work, the gospel easily entered the hearts of the people He touched and healed. And kuya Franco is but one of the many who has benefitted from this work.

*kuya – older brother; one of the many terms used in the Philippines to show respect for someone older.