Philippine Adventist Medical Aviation Services (PAMAS)

PAMAS is a faith-based, volunteer-driven organization which aids the Seventh-day Adventist church in it’s mission to carry the great news of the Gospel to the world through the use of aviation and medical ministry and much more.

How did PAMAS begin?

PAMAS began in 2007 with helicopter and fixed-wing pilot/mechanic, Dwayne Harris who was inspired and encouraged by Gospel Ministries International to start a much needed aviation ministry in the Philippines. The work has grown and expanded to cover three main areas of the Philippines at this time, with air support in Palawan, Luzon, and Mindanao.

What is PAMAS all about?

PAMAS’s mission is to speed the spread of the gospel to the un-reached and remote areas of the Philippines by providing air and medical support to established SDA missions and organizations and to help the church to open new work in un-entered territory.

How did By His Stripes Ministries get connected with PAMAS?

In 2011, we had the opportunity of briefly working with Dwayne and Wendy. Our short stint with them kindled a desire in us to volunteer with them — full time. Davin especially felt called by God to mission aviation and was really inspired by how PAMAS was running their ministry.

During the next years that followed, Davin tried to work his way through the flight world by using a simulator. Dwayne gave him his aviation textbook, plotter and flight computer to encourage him in his quest. At one point, Davin visited their Palawan-airbase to get acquainted with their regular routine flights to Mapun Island where Muslim patients where treated.

Three years later, we launched into a full-time pursuit of this dream and headed to the US to take aviation training. We hope to work with PAMAS in the near future, God-willing.

How can you help PAMAS?

Two ways you can help PAMAS. Volunteer and / or donate.


If you want the most life-changing experience of your life, then answer God’s call, be a volunteer missionary, and put your full trust in Him!

If you feel called for short or long-term service go to Your application will be sent to other GMI projects, but if you want to volunteer specifically with PAMAS, feel free to contact PAMAS directly for more information.


PAMAS is a non-stock, non-profit, SEC registered Corporation in the Philippines. It only continues to grow by faith with ongoing financial support from donors like you.

U.S. donations can be made though Gospel Ministries International.

As they have many programs, please be sure to note that the donation is for “PAMAS”.

1. Make checks payable to: “Gospel Ministries International” and send to:

GMI (Gospel Ministries International),
P O Box 506, Collegedale, TN 37315
(Note that the donation is for “PAMAS”)

2. Or click here to Donate Online now (Scroll to find “PAMAS” then type the amount and click “Add to cart.” You may have to do it twice)
(Note: There is a paypal charge for this service)

3. For donors outside the U.S.: Use PayPal
(PayPal account: harrdw {at} gmail(.)com) or contact them.

Local donations may also be made direct to our “PAMAS” account.
Contact us for more info:
Dwayne: harrdw {at} gmail(.)com
Wendy: wrguptill {at} gmail(.)com