Hymns for Worship: Learn to Sing Beyond the Page

Hymns for Worship is a website dedicated to provide relevant and well-researched information about music and its role in worship.

It is a subjective lens on what matters most in worship when it comes to music. Hymns for Worship’s goal is to help Seventh-Day Adventist church members understand the purpose of music and its varying roles in worship, in life, and in the life to come.

How did By His Stripes Ministries got connected with Hymns for Worship?

Hymns for Worship, is currently the music branch of By His Stripes Ministries. Irene has a masters in Music Education and of course, loves teaching. The website is one of her ways of sharing knowledge, experience and expertise in music, especially using the internet as a platform.

What can I benefit from Hymns for Worship?

Currently, the website has two main features: The Opus and The Hymnal.

The Opus is a blog that features articles in music. Its aim is to shed light on the confusion regarding musical standards in the SDA church, as well as to give tips and advice in making worship through music more meaningful and inspiring. It also seeks to strengthen the church members’ knowledge of hymns and their rich history.

The Hymnal is an on-going project designed to make hymns more accessible to church members, especially in areas where hymnals are not available. It features the hymn in PDF format (with notes), text format, SoundCloud player which plays the piano accompaniment, as well as pertinent information about the hymn.

If you are the church music coordinator who needs more resources, you will find simple and easy to use guides in Hymns for Worship that are relevant to your job description.

If you are the church member who want to have a solid stance in music standards but don’t know how to solidify it, you will find sound advice in Hymns for Worship.

If you like hymns in general, then we think you will really enjoy what Hymns for Worship have to offer.

How can I help Hymns for Worship?

Hymns for Worship is currently a one-woman labor love. Volunteers are welcome!

If you believe in the power of music ministry and would like to share your knowledge and experience through writing, then you are invited to guestpost.

If writing is not your thing, but you would love to share your voice through singing or skills through playing, then you are invited to “guest sing” or “guest-play”.

If neither writing or singing is your gift, but you are creative and computer-savvy (leaning towards web developing), let’s talk! Drop me us an email at hymns4worship@gmail.com

If you any of the above does not resonate with you, you can can still help by subscribing and sharing the word!