Where can I get some training in becoming a medical missionary?

First of all, consulting the Scriptures is always the best starting ground for any decision we make. The Bible is replete with examples and instances where Jesus Himself engaged in medical missionary work. Gleaning insights from Jesus’ example is one of the best training one can have.

There are many books that you can read as well  in order to give you the broader scope of what it takes to be a medical missionary. The Spirit of Prophecy extensively talks about medical missionary work and its role in these last days.

Having said that, there’s a LOT of training schools around the world that gives short-term medical missionary training. This list is a work in progress, which I’ll try to update as often as I can.

United States
1. Wildwood Center for Health Evangelism

Wildwood’s training is basically divided into three types: On Campus, Online and On the Go. While the course content may have some similarities in all of them, what sets them apart is the time duration as well as the location where the training is given.

On Campus Training students have several different courses to choose from such as:

Location: 435 Lifestyle Wildwood, GA 30757
Contact Number: +1 (706) 419-0030

*All tuition fees are basic and does not include board and lodging, books, etc. Some discounts may apply.

2. Uchee Pines Institute

Uchee Pines offer two training courses, both under MASTERS (Medical Missionary, Agriculture, Self-Supporting, True Education, Reformation and Spiritual Revival) Program. They also offer internships, online courses, as well as opportunities for professionals to observe.

Students who opt to go in-campus can choose from two courses:

Location: 30 Uchee Pines Road, Seale, Alabama 36875
Contact Number: 1-877-824-3374 (US); 1-334-855-4764 (International)

*The fees listed above includes room, board, and tuition for their entire year of training.

3. Eden Valley Institute

Eden Valley has two training programs which constitutes:

Location: 9325 World Mission Drive , Loveland, CO, 80538
Contact Number: 970-667-1770

*Fees for Medical Missionary training includes room and board

4. MEET Ministry

MEET, which stands for Missionary Education & Evangelistic Training offers three courses:

Location: 480 Neely Lane, Huntingdon, TN 38344
Contact Number: 731/986-3518

5. LifeTree Wellness Institute of Natural Healing
  • Medical Missionary Training
    • 3 weeks (no other info on their website)
    • 6 weeks ($2,800)

Location: 744 Reeds Creek Rd, St. Maries, ID 83861
Contact Number: 208-245-3297

6. Hartland Institute

Hartland has a Health Ministry Department which prepares students to be medical missionary evangelists. Students are instructed in the areas of health assessment, treatment of disease by natural methods, and counseling and community health education in nutrition and disease prevention.

Hartland also offers other unique opportunities to health ministry through these courses:

Tuition fees are based on credit units taken. Click here for a summary of expenses.


*This list is a work in progress. More will be added in the future, including from countries outside of the US



If you know of any other school that trains people to be medical missionaries, please let me know by writing it on the comment section below!