Brianna’s Wings of Passion Foundation

Brianna’s Wings of Passion Foundation is to provide resources necessary to assist serious minded individuals who have a longing desire for mission aviation and media ministry.

We are so blessed to partner with a 501 (c)3 non-profit corporation run by Mr. and Mrs. Rod & Mary Cassidy. This foundation is due to the efforts of Brianna’s parents to continue her legacy.

Who is Brianna Cassidy?

Brianna was a vivacious teenager with big dreams of becoming a mission pilot. Her interest in flying can be traced to reading the book about David Gates, Mission Pilot and soon thereafter spending hours on a flight simulator computer program with her cousin. This sprouted the interest which bore fruit in attending a private school in TN which trained high school students to become pilots.

She thus began flying during her 15th year. Brianna became a solo pilot a few days after her 16th birthday. A short time later, she surprised her parents with excitement in a flyover their home in TN—it was indeed a moment of pride. All her training paid off when during an Autumn day in October, she passed her private pilot’s practical exam and could officially claim private pilot licensure.

She was expecting to take her commercial exam for her commercial license in January 2015. However, a few weeks before, Brianna died in a tragic automobile head-on collision

What is Brianna’s Wings of Passion Foundation all about?

Aside from continuing Brianna’s legacy, the Cassidy’s are also hoping to inspire young people with vision and drive to use their talents for the cause of God in the short time remaining of earth’s history. They want to positively impact young people, not only in achieving their goals, but in learning to trust God fully with their time and talents.

The Cassidys believe that as a ministry, they have a unique aspect because it has been birthed in a death, that of an only child. Thus it has a compelling purpose for its existence.

They currently support several projects which include particularly mission aviation and media ministry.

How did By His Stripes Ministries got connected with Wings of Passion Foundation?

How we came to know about this foundation was a divine appointment itself. We were new to San Diego, and a friend invited us to attend Clairemont SDA Church. Incidentally, the guest speaker that Sabbath know the Cassidys and was even there in Claremont SDA Church the time when Brianna was dedicated.

He connected with us after fellowship lunch and told us about the efforts of the Cassidys to help individuals with a heart for mission aviation. He referred us to Mr. Cassidy’s private number and told us to tell him that he personally made the referral. Interesting enough, he was only there that Sabbath, since he was visiting from Hawaii.

We made contact with the Cassidys and they have been very helpful since.

 How is Brianna’s Wings of Passion Foundation helping By His Stripes Ministries?

Because of Brianna’s Wings of Passion, By His Stripes Ministries is able to offer its donors a tax-deductible receipt. Donors are given several ways to give via this foundation.

To make a donation through card or PayPal, click here.

Please specify donations are to go to “Davin Bennett’s Mission Pilot Training”

To make a donation through checks or money order, you may send it at:

Brianna’s Wings of Passion
P.O. Box 1456
Magalia, CA 95954

(Please make check payable to “Brianna’s Wings of Passion” and write “Davin Bennett’s Mission Pilot Training” in the memo field)